Best book on starting a YouTube channel 2022

What big YouTubers don't tell you ...

The window is closing...
More and more people see the incredible power and business opportunities of YouTube and more people are getting in.
If you think YouTube is hard today in 2022, how hard do you think it will be in five years from now?
Grab the opportunity while you still can.

"about how to start a YouTube channel" is a guide on how to start a popular Youtube channel and skyrocket views, subscribers and ultimately turning it to a successful business.

With 30 day money-back guarantee
start a youtube channel for beginners guide 2022

Who this book is for

“What big Tubers don't tell you” is a goldmine for those who are thinking to start, starting or want to jumpstart their YouTube career as fast as possible.
Maybe you ask yourself: “why does nobody watch my videos?”, "That channel grows and I don't, Why?" or maybe you feel stuck and just need a push in the back.
I've been there, it is so frustrating!
If you are thinking about quitting, please don't, there is another way!
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With 30 day money-back guarantee

About the author

Hi, I'm Dexxter Clark and I’m the author of this YouTube book.
I have been on Youtube since 2010 for my local television station and later in January 2017 I started the first youtube channel for myself.
I thought I knew everything.
My phone was my camera and I filmed my every day life and called it a vlog, but nobody watched it...
I learned a lot by experimenting and making a lot of mistakes.
the smarter way would have been to seek council.
That would have saved me so much time, I could have had double the views and subscribers.

This is the opportunity I give you: doing the smart thing.
From all my YouTube experiences combined, I compiled the most relevant information in one handy place in chronological order.
So, you don’t need to go on a scavenger hunt to gather all the different pieces from everywhere on the internet and somehow fit all the information in your brain together to make sense.
Dexxter Clark - how to start a youtube channel for vlogging
how to make money on youtube full tutorial

This book answers the following questions in 100+ pages:

  • How to make (more) money on YouTube?
  • How to get more views on YouTube?
  • How to get more subscribers on YouTube?
  • How to grow on YouTube?
  • How to make a business out of YouTube?
  • What is the formula for going viral?
  • How often should you upload?
  • What is the ideal video length?
  • What equipment do you need?
  • What type of content works?
  • How to work with and understand the algorithms?

With 30 day money-back guarantee

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With 30 day money-back guarantee
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What buyers said about the book

Martin Twycross Medium & Teacher
​Dexxter’s book is amazing - so much content

Karen R.
Thank you for your great teaching and ebook. With kind regards,

Carl L.
Dear Dexxter Clark,
I wanted to personally thank you for the time you put into your Ebook you offered thru Youtube.
I found it very informative and as like you , “ I WISH I WOULD HAD FOUND THIS MUCH EARLIER.”
It was very informative and I loved the Ebook.

Thomas Craig Galloway
Hi Dexter , I am one of your subscribers I have also purchased your excellent e book and also have had you review my YouTube channel .
I am reaching out to thank you for your advise and for the info in your book that has been so helpful to me .
Using your advice I've changed my channel art ,YouTube thumbnails and other things like titles and descriptions and on some occasions I'm the no 1 video now on YouTube search and Google search.

Beyond the Alchemy
Thanks brother. The book is awesome. I highly recommend it to all! I read it over a couple times.
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