Note: The course is not available yet, I'm still working on the content!!

YouTube for entrepreneurs

The ultimate video course that teaches the quickest way to start, grow and earn money with YouTube

This video course that helps you to save money and time.
Instead of watching hundreds of YouTube videos with varying levels of quality and experience, you have the most important information in one place.
No fluff, the quickest way from A (=now) to B (=a booming business).
With the course you can create a (YouTube) business or support your existing business with the help of YouTube.
The course teaches you step-by-step a proven strategy to start and grow a YouTube channel with the ultimate goal to eplode your revenue.
How to be unique, how to do video research, how to stand out against the competition, ... just a few topics of the course.
youtube course for beginners

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Do you need to buy extra software for this course?

But you need some equipment for your YouTube channel.
I'll talk about equipment in the course.

Why a course when it’s free on YouTube?

The goal of YouTube and a course are different.
Goal of YouTube: get more subscribers, expand brand awareness and establish authority to get eyes on my product.
Goal of course: teach you YouTube.
YouTube is part of the sales funnel (I will teach you that in the course).

On top of that, I won't put every tutorial on YouTube because there are topics that are too competitive to rank for or nobody would click on.

Instead of going all over the place, there is a chronological structure in the course.
This takes you step-by-step from a beginner with no knowledge to a beginner with pro knowledge to jump start your YouTube channel.
I'm teaching a formula that you can apply to your own business and channel.
The exact formula that I used to start the "social video plaza"-YouTube channel.

The advantages of a course:

What’s the language of the course?

English only

What equipment do you need to take optimal advantage of this course?

How can I pay for the course?

Currently the webshop only supports credit card and Paypal.

Table of contents

YouTube beginner course *

  • 1. Starting a YouTube channel

    • 1.1 determine topic
    • 1.2 channel name
    • 1.3 equipment
    • 1.4 equipment: camera
    • 1.5 create a channel (show screenshots click buttons)
    • 1.6 setting up a channel (channel art, links, channel description, channel tags)
    • 1.7 YouTube Studio
    • 1.8 Upload a video
    • 1.9 YT analytics
  • Making a YouTube video

    • 2.1 research
    • 2.2 writing a script
    • 2.3 filming
    • 2.4 editing
    • 2.5 uploading + meta data
  • Specifics

    • 3.1 titles
    • 3.2 descriptions (+ template + timestamps)
    • 3.3 thumbnails
    • 3.4 tags
    • 3.5 end screen
    • 3.6 captions
    • 3.7 video details page
    • 3.8 playlists (official playlist) – even wachten op updaten
    • 3.10 comments (+ negative comments)
  • Algorithms

    • 4.x ranking (watch time + AVD + CTR + channel auth)
    • 4.1 home
    • 4.2 suggested
    • 4.3 notifications
    • 4.4 search
    • 4.5 CTR / impressions
  • Best practices (tips)

    • 5.1 evergreen
    • 5.2 video structure
    • 5.3 how long should video be
    • 5.4 how often should I upload
    • 5.5 best time to upload
    • 5.6 launch a channel the advanced way
    • 5.7 clickbait
    • 5.8 improve audience retention
    • 5.9 telling a story
    • 5.10 optimize workflow
  • A business out of YouTube

    • 6.1 website
    • 6.2 mailing list
    • 6.3 monetization (ads, coaching, books, courses, other digital products (midi pack))
    • 6.4 sponsorships
* the content is subdue to changes. The TOC is in no way final or a guarantee of content.
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