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I'd like to review your channel in a livestream or video.
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Before submitting the form:
  • I won't gaming channels
  • I won't review Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi channels, no point in submitting
  • I won't review computer generated content (i.e. robot voice)
  • Those who I see regularly in my comments, have a higher chance of getting a review


 I'm located in the EU or an English speaking country like USA, Can, Aus, UK etc

Legal stuff 'n such

Some rules and laws:
 My content aligns with YouTube's Terms Of Service, Community guidelines and Ad-friendly guidelines
 I have original content, I did NOT repurpose content by other creators
 My content does NOT infringe copyrights (this also includes music and memes/trailers of movies)
 My content complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA):
  • I am OLDER than 18 years of age
  • My content is NOT targeted towards children
  • There are NO CHILDREN appearing in my videos
 I give Social Video Plaza permission to use my content (in the context of a channel review, like on my "livestream" and "clips" my main YouTube coaching channel)

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