YouTube View to Subscriber Ratio Calculator


What is the YouTube view to subscriber ratio calculator?

With this calculator, you can easily see how well you convert views into subscribers.
This is expressed in a percentage (that can't exceed 100%).
If out of 100 views (on 1 video), 2 viewers subscribe, that is a view/subscribe ratio of 2%.
Input statistically significant numbers (>1000), otherwise it skews the reliability.

How does the YouTube view to subscriber ratio calculator work?

  • Enter the amount views and subscribers on a video/videos (or entire channel)
  • Click "CALCULATE"
  • The website will calculate a percentage

What is a good view to subscriber ratio on Youtube?

This depends heavily on your audience and type of content.
For informational content with human face showing:
<1%try to work on converting subscribers
>2%WOW, amazing
Channels with generic content or content with less connection with the host (no-face, no-voice content for example) tends to have dramatically lower percentages.

How to improve views to subscriber ratio?

I've written an extensive article on why viewers don't subscribe to your YouTube channel.