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What is the free online YouTube video title generator?

Coming up with catchy titles for viral YouTube videos can be challenging.
You want video title that people want to click on, but you can run out of ideas very quickly.
This is where our free online tool "video title generator" comes in.

How does the online YouTube video title generator work?

  • Input your video topic in the text box
  • Click "GENERATE"
  • A number of clickbait YouTube title suggestions will be shown
  • It will also show the amount of characters that a title is long (X chars)
  • To prevent video title truncation (for more views) click on 'is truncated?'.
    This will open the character counter to fiddle with the title and see the length.
  • For more results, click "GENERATE" again

Some tips for the video title generator

  • try also plurals
  • try related topics/keywords or synonyms. "Shop" is also known as "store"
  • try also contrasting terms, for example: if your video is about music, try "silence".

Quick tips for viral YouTube video titles

  • Try to invoke curiosity
    Something the people don't know or should know works very well.
    The fear of missing out is always an excellent trigger
  • Try to use trigger words like "dark", "secrets", "hidden".
    All trigger keywords you can find in my article about writing viral YouTube video titles.
  • Use short video titles
    Studies show that short video titles that aren't truncated increase the chances of a viral video.
    Check your video title against truncation in the Video title generator
  • Long tail keywords are less competitive, instead of "how to clean a pool", go for "how to clean a pool in the winter".
  • Use the thumbnail as an extension of your title.
    Don't repeat the words of the title in the thumbnail.
  • Don't use ALL CAPS.
    Some viewers think that you shout at them.
  • A good YouTube title communicates value
    For example a result, outcome or transformation.
Read the complete article How to write viral YouTube video titles.

Clickbait title tips video

I'll explain how to make the best YouTube video titles in this YouTube video:
How to make a youtube video title play video