Free YouTube related downloads

In this free download section you can download additional PDF, guides, templates, examples, checklists etc. for your YouTube channel.
I'll send you the download via email.


Webinar handouts Handout for the webinar "What big YouTubers don't tell you about starting a YouTube channel" Download
YouTube starter guide The ultimate guide (24 pages) start a YouTube channel for a newbee. Download
New channel STRATEGY guide A strategy guide (17 pages) that helps you with a strategy and planning to start a new YouTube channel. Download
How to make money on YouTube guide A guide (22 pages) to monetize your YouTube channel with more than only ads. Download
E-book: What Big Tubers Don't Tell You A sample (28 pages) of my e-book: What Big Tubers Don't Tell You Download


Channel growth checklist A checklist that you can use to see if you are using the optimal growth path for your YouTube channel. Download
Create YouTube channel checklist Use this checklist when you create a new YouTube channel.
It takes your step by step through the setup process so you won't forget anything.
Defining your target audience Use these questions to find your ideal avatar for your videos.
This way you can make content that appeals to them and get more views.

Templates & examples

YouTube script template + example A template for a YouTube script and an example of the template in use. Download
200+ thumbnail ideas I removed the thumbnails out of respect for the copyright owners [removed]
Channel banner template YouTube Channel banner which is displayed on top of your YouTube channel.
A .PSD file with the right image dimensions and boundaries as guides for desktop, mobile and TV.
You can add your own graphics and release schedule, export as .PNG and upload the file to YouTube.
Video watermark A .PNG file with a video watermark to place at the right bottom corner of YouTube videos.
This image has the YouTube logo and the text "subscribe".
After download, you can upload the file directly to YouTube via YouTube Studio.
Thumnail template A quick-and-easy .PSD template for YouTube thumbnails.
The template has standard guides for the determining the middle of the thumbnail and applying the rule-of-thirds.
It also has a warning for the video length time stamp in the bottom right corner. You can add your own graphics/change graphics and upload it directly to YouTube.
Video description template A template for your video description, with website URLs, hashtags etc included Download
Take list template I'd like to register good/bad takes in a take list, so I don't have to search (=time consuming) for footage during editing. Download


A/B-test spreadsheet A spreadsheet to do A/B tests on titles/descriptions and thumbnails to measure an increase or decrease in views. Download
Content planner A complete planner for the workflow of YouTube videos.
Handy for yourself to keep track of the progress of multiple video projects at the same time, but even more useful if you work in a team.
Sponsorship price calculator Easy-to-use spreadsheet to calculate your sponsorship price based on video views and CPM Download