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about Dexxter Clark
My name is Dexxter Clark, I'm from The Netherlands, a small country in Europe in between England and Germany.
I advice businesses and content creators all over the world with their online business, to explode their revenue with the help of YouTube and websites.

I have been filming and editing videos with VHS tapes since I was a little kid.
I always wanted to be a business owner, so I started my first business in 2004, when I was still in college studying software engineering.
I programmed POS software for stores and connected them seemlessly with their website to update their inventory LIVE (!!) on their webshop.
Something still unheard of in the age where the concept of a webshop is more popular than ever.

After I sold this business I went to theatre school in 2009 and started working at the local television station in 2010.
I created, wrote, presented and edited television formats that went onto ... YouTube!
I started an event company that created and presented quizzes for company outings.
The website and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ... of course ... I did myself.

In Januari 2017 I started my first personal YouTube channel about DJing and music production.
Dexxter Clark is my DJ name, which I kept out of consistency and is now my online persona.
Later that year I started a retro gaming channel and several other channels.

Over the years I probably made every mistake in the YouTube-book and started obsessively experimenting to grow faster.
I wrote a book about my experiments and findings ("What big tubers don't tell you").
The book is a solid basis for everyone that wants to start a YouTube channel.
On this blog I'd like to dive deeper and extend the book with articles and generators like the Title Generator and the Channel Name Generator.

I created this website initially to create awareness for the book.
Then COVID19 hit, and just like many out there, I basically lost my job because the events went from 100% to 0% within a month.
I saw an opportunity in a negative situation, I looked what was in front of me with the things already was building.
I decided to go all-in fulltime and combine two things I love:
1) help people with their businesses
2) YouTube

In September 2020 I launced the YouTube channel for this website and the second YouTube channel with short form content followed in April 2021.
There are some exiting and unique products in the pipeline to support YouTube creators in their YouTube journey.

I can bring something unique to the table as a YouTube strategist.
Although I know the market in the States from reading books and hearing Americans talk (because I have a wide interest in different cultures), I don't live in the USA.
And therefore have a unique insight in how the rest of the world looks at America, thinks in a different way and solves problems in a different way.
This is a very useful skill if you want to expand your business beyond the United States.

If I can help you in any way with YouTube, your website or content creation, Let me know.
I'd love to help.
You can apply for a coaching call here