Recommended YouTube equipment 2024

On this page I've listed the tools and services that I use, or know to be good.
I stand 100% behind all of this recommended equipment.
If you are a regular viewer on my YouTube channel, you will recognize the equipment.

Most links on this page are affiliate links.
I get a small commission when you purchase a product from the linked website.
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Best YouTube / Vlogging Cameras 2024

Important for Vlogging cameras:
  • good auto focus
  • lightweight (if you vlog out of your hand)
  • backflip screen - a screen that you can turn 180 degrees to film and see yourself
  • external microphone connection (built-in microphones are bad)
  • Most cameras come without lenses, you need to buy them separately
  • Buy an extra battery (one battery can charge while you film with the other)
  • DSLR is only useful for taking pictures, system camera is just fine
± $850 Canon EOS M6 Mark II Mirrorless 4K vlogging camera
flipscreen - can't see screen with hot shoe mic
external microphone connection
usable as "webcam" for live streaming!!
± $1200 Canon EOS 90d DSLR 4K vlogging camera
external microphone connection
usable as "webcam" for live streaming!!
More about cameras in my article about YouTube cameras 2024


A lavalier or directional microphone is probably the best choice.
± $80 Rode smartLav+ Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone This TRRS microphone is intended to use on phones, you need a TRRS female to TRS male converter to connect it to your camera.
The sound quality is great for the price BUT SUPER LOUDDDDDDD which makes the signal distort when volume level left unchanged in camera.
I have this mic and am very happy with it.
Mic on Amazon
± $90 Tascam DR-05X handheld recorder If your camera doesn't support an external microphone for improved audio, you can use a handheld audio recorder.
You still record your video (with audio) like you normally would, but you also record the audio with this handheld recorder.
In your editing software (Final Cut, Resolve, Premiere, ...) you sync your audio and video.
Tascam is famous for its handheld recorders' audio quality and durability.
Mic on Amazon


Continuous Softbox Lighting
± $110 MOUNTDOG 3 lamp start set Great lighting kit.
This is a rebrand of my Bresser BR2240 which I'm very happy with.
You need at least 2 (preferably 3) lights to light your set properly:
One main light, one fill light, one background light.
Price on Amazon
Led Panel
± $200 Elgato Key Light (for streaming) A led panel light "on-a-stick" so you can put it on your desk to have enough light when streaming.
This light is meant to light you in close proximity, it is often too weak to light regular sets.
You can adjust the color temperature (most led panels have only one flat-white color)
Price on Amazon

Video editing software

± $300 Davinci resolve Great user interface and workflow.
However it has stability and performance issues with incompatible hardware.
Resolve is super picky with its hardware and won't run properly on older computers
± $300 p/y Premiere Pro One of the most used software products for YouTube on the market.
± $300 Final Cut pro [NOT RECOMMENDED] The worst video editing software on the market.
Incredibly unstable and enforces an illogic workflow.
Editing with Final Cut Pro takes at least twice as long as any other software on the market.

Computer for video editing

component min. requirements example
CPU Intel Core i7 or i9 (latest generation), min 4 cores i9-10900X
Motherboard Asus Prime X299-A II
Memory 8GB min. (recommended: 16GB or 32GB) 4x8gb
Storage 1 1 TB SSD (to install windows on) A200
Storage 2 (optional) 2-4 TB Hard disk 7200 RPM (a PMR drive, NOT a SMR drive) P300
Graphics card / GPU  Good graphics card with a lot of memory RTX 3080
Power supply  800W - 1000W or higher (depending on CPU and graphics card) 1000W
Screen 17" min. (27" wide screen or larger preferred) CH890
Keyboard Ergonomic / Backlit MX keys
Mouse Side scroll / horizontal scroll
Case ATX iCue 4000X


± $130 Elgato Stream Deck Device to switch between "scenes" and play sound effects for example.
This prevents you from having to dive into your streaming software when streaming.
Price on Amazon
± $130 Elgato Cam Link Record HDMI footage from your DSLR or system camera so you can use it as a high quality webcam Price on Amazon
± FREE OBS Studio Free software to stream with all the basic functionality you might need. Open site