Recommended music producer studio equipment

Recommended YouTube equipment

Some of the most common questions I get is, which tools and equipment I use or recommend for YouTube.
I have spend a lot of time researchingv equipment I'd like to share that knowledge here.
I have compiled a list with tools for you that I will update regularly.

YouTube Studio equipment

  • Camera: Canon 3M - The Canon 3M with flip back screen and microphone aux connection.
    The camera is not being sold anymore, it's big brother, the Canon 6M is still availble with a better auto focus (the one on the 3M is terrible).
  • Lights: Bresser BR2240 - I'm really happy with this setup. This enables me to shoot videos after sunset.
  • Video editing software: ? - I'm using Final Cut Pro X, which is the worst video editing software on the market. I've been using Final Cut since version 7 (which was perfect, but doesn't suppert modern video formats) and Premiere in the past. The workflow of Final Cut is terrible and counter intuitive and crashes at least once per session. Avoid at ALL cost!
  • Microphone: Rhode lav mic - It's intended use is a mobile phone, but with a converter cable it works on my Canon camera. The mic was < $100.