17 RARELY used no face no voice YouTube VIDEO IDEAS

17 RARELY used no face no voice YouTube VIDEO IDEAS play video
Written by: Dexxter Clark
In this article unique video ideas for YouTube channels that don’t show their face or use their voice.


Anything to do with sound or music is well suited for a no face no voice YouTube channel.
For example ASMR.
ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response.
Back in the 90s we called it sound effects, now we call it ASMR.

The sound of a cushion on the couch with your fingernails, opening a tin can, or just a whisper of seduction.

Make sure to show “live” on camera what you hear, so don’t use photos.

2. Making silent mini movies

You know those movies where there are aliens but you don’t see them?
You know that they are there, you hear them, you see shadows.
Something like that.

Tell a visual story from the first person perspective (but you never see the first person).
Especially horror will lend itself very well for that.

3. Montage

A montage with music of different scenes.
This can be anything from cars to trains to people, sunsets to houses.
Be careful not to make it boring, so use different angles and different locations.
Make a video clip kind-of-thing.
I’m thinking of a Rick Ashley kind-of video clip.

4. Video as art

You know those video installations in museums?
There is always something weird and intriguing about them.
You can do something like that on YouTube.

You can be super creative and go completely crazy with colors and visual effects.

I’m thinking of mixing two colors or a giant soap bubble floating in the air, or a video collage with 20 subjects on 1 screen reacting and moving.

5. Time lapse

A time lapse of something that builds up or breaks down slowly.
A plant growing or a building being made for example

6. Slow motion

Slow motion footage of fast pace things.
Destruction of a building, hitting a golf ball or seeing a horse run.

7. Music channel

A music channel doesn’t use a face or voice.
Be careful with copyrights though.

Try to find copyright-free music or talk to an upcoming music producer.

Maybe you can make a channel on which beginner music producers give each other feedback in the comments.

8. Panaroma

In Austria we have moving webcams on top of (ski) mountains.
You can watch live how the weather is and how crowded it is.
But this can also be a beach on Ibiza or any other place with a beautiful view.

9. Tutorials

You can make tutorials on YouTube without using face or voice.
You have to have some text in the image to explain what is going on.
These tutorials can be hardware or software of computers, gadgets or any other type of electronics.

10. Reviews and unboxings

You could do reviews and unboxings with text at the bottom of the screen.

11. Top 10

Top 10 funniest, worst, heartbreaking, best moments on television, YouTube, photos…

again, be careful with copyrights though.

12. Gaming channel

Play a game on YouTube.
But be careful, there is a lot of competition out there that shows face and uses voice.

13. Nature

Show animals, trees and plants in their natural surroundings, like a nature documentary, but a bit different.

14. Relaxation/meditation channels

Showing calming scenes like the waves of the ocean, a waterfall or birds chirping.
Use relaxing music to accompany the scenes.


15. Showing you, doing your craft

Do you have a hobby or a profession that is visual that you can show people?
For example: painting a picture, doing magic tricks, contortion artist, yoga, make up, cooking, restoration, performing hand puppets/marionettes.

16. Animation

Make (short) animations.
This can be digital, hand drawn or stop motion with clay or Lego figures.

17. Try on hauls

In the fashion space you can try on clothes for the camera that you bought, without showing your face.
This is a kind-of girls-only niche.

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